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Clauses and Forms

The forms and clauses found on this page are generic in nature. As a caveat, please be advised this material was assembled from the work of various landmen, and from many other sources over a long period of time. Feel free to cut and paste them as needed, but be aware it is always wise to get your client's approval of a given form or clause before using it. The author of this page, Landmen.net, assumes no liability for the use of these forms and clauses, but rather has placed them here as a guide with the understanding that the Landman who has use of them will have the competence and expertise to modify them to conform to the transaction to which they are applied, as well as to the law of the particular State in which they are used.

If you have a particular form or clause you feel may be useful to other landmen and would like to contribute it to this page, please send it to us at admin@landmen.net.


Option to Extend Lease

Surface Damages

No Surface Operations

Oil & Gas Only

Royalty Increase

Escalating Royalty Clause

Minimum Royalty Clause

Shut-In Royalty Clause

Pugh Clause Guide

Horizontal Pugh Clause

Vertical Pugh Clause

Pugh Clause with Continuous Drilling

Continuous Drilling

Mandatory Release Clause

Restrictions on Oil Pooling

Restrictions on Gas Pooling

Non-Surface Owner Indemnification

No Salt Water Disposal Clause

Water Well

Free Royalty


Lease Option Agreement

Geophysical Option Agreement

Memorandum of Geophysical Option Agreement

Ratification and Co-Lessor's Agreement

US Legal Forms.com

OGML Amendment



Curative Guide Spreadsheet

Affidavit Possession Info Guide 1

Affidavit Possession Info Guide 2

Correction Warranty Deed

Correction of Lease Description

Subordination Agreement

Partial Release of Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease